keskiviikko 14. maaliskuuta 2012

New Stamps

The Post has released some new stamps and I bought theseones today:

Pictures are from Posti's website.

"The official stamp of the ice hockey world championship 2012 tournament to be organized in Helsinki will portray the widely noted mascot HockeyBird. The stamp is designed by Lead Artist Toni Kysenius of Rovio Entertainment, who has now fulfilled his long-time dream of designing a stamp.
"HockeyBird's job is to bring high-voltage bird energy to the great sporting event and to barge into anything and everything, so it is only natural that he will also take over the stamp," Toni Kysenius says.
Finland and Sweden share the hosting of the ice hockey world championship tournament in 2012 and 2013. Kysenius has taken note of this on his design."  (

This hockey-themed  birdstamp will be released at 21.3.2012

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